Secure RAS water quality

Secure healthy water quality in your aquaculture system with particle control and suitable disinfection

Inside of HEX filter

Ensuring fish welfare and preventing fish mortality are top priorities at CM Aqua. CM Aqua’s Hex drum filter solution removes up to 90% of particles, reducing the overall system load. It serves as a key component to maintain a trouble-free system. The AQ Booster, based on the Ratz Protein Skimmer and Primozone ozone system, effectively removes fine particles, ensuring the health of fish gills.

Our contribution to this cause is high quality HEX drum filters, designed to demand minimal maintenance while effectively eliminating undesirable particles from the water rather than crushing them. Furthermore, they utilize a minimal amount of backwash water.

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    Effective and reliable HEX drum filters

    The innovative HEX Drum Filters with the unique BeeCell HEX filter panel is designed for reliable and efficient water filtration and particle control in the 10 to 500 μ range. Our HEX Drum filters are energy efficient and delivered in different versions and sizes. They are perfect for well boats, sea lice barges, RAS plants and traditional fish farms. And for both fresh water and salt water systems.

    CM Aqua offers a wide range of HEX drum filters and protein skimmers with long lifetime from our own factory in Germany.

    Why choose AQ Booster

    The CM Aqua AQ Booster offers a comprehensive package solution that includes the Ratz Skimmer, Primozone Generator, and special designed components for connecting ozone to the skimmer.

    This combination of ozone and protein skimmers in aquaculture allows for the simultaneous control of several key water parameters in RAS operations, providing various benefits such as:

    • Reduction of fine particles and bacteria counts
    • Removal of dissolved organic matter and proteins
    • Minimization of foaming in your operation
    • Clearer water leading to improved turbidity
    • Decreased off-flavor build-up in grow-out RAS

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    CM Aqua has 30+ years of experience from producing equipment in high-tech polymers to the aquarium and aquaculture industry. We willingly share our experience with you, and we can even design a solution specifically to your needs.

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