Installed worldwide

CM Aqua HEX filters are installed worldwide, ensuring clean environment and low energy consumption when keeping Salmon, Kingfish, Shrimps, and other fish species healthy & happy with the water quality. We also have filtration in different fields like pre-screening saltwater made into drinking water or final filtration in wastewater.

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HEX drum filter version X

HEX Drum Filters

Partial delivery of 9 pcs HEX drum filter version X for Salmon grow-out RAS in North Europe.

The HEX Drum Filters are a logical choice for saltwater RAS installations with the corrosion-free drive system and high-tech polymer in general. It not only stay “good looking”, but it also keeps working, and you get a low noise level in the building.

HEX drum filter version SANI
HEX drum filter in version SANI on an emergency salmon slaughter ship for filtration of sea lice at high water flow and with an ongoing demand for fast but complete sanitation of the filter.
HEX drum filters
The HEX drum filters here are soon to be 10 years in operation. Version F was our first drum filter introduced to Aquaculture RAS.
Tropical saltwater in China

Set of HEX drum filters for tropical saltwater duty in South China are prepared for shipment, totally 5 x 40’ containers with various filter sizes for installation in Zhuhai.

The HEX filters were selected based on a technical evaluation with durability in focus, considering the highly corrosive environment.