Ole Kristian Svartaas

New employee at CM AQUA

We are happy to welcome Ole Kristian Svartaas to the CM Aqua team 1 of August!

Ole Kristian has a Master’s degree in Aqua medicine and previously worked as a Fish Health Biologist on de-lice vessels.
Ole Kristian’s most recent position was as Fish health Consultant in Åkerblå Norway, where he has gained extensive knowledge and experience

As part of the CM Aqua team, Ole Kristian will use his professional expertise to help our customers and play a key role in strengthening our position as a reliable partner.

Ole Kristian looks forward to sharing his expertise and creating a positive impact for Norwegian customers.

We look forward to seeing you make a difference in CM Aqua!

E-mail: oks@cmaqua.dk
Sales Engineer & Fish Health Biologist
Phone: +47 90764246