Ratz protein skimmer

Ratz Protein Skimmer

Ratz protein skimmers are efficient, ready to use protein skimmers with applicational use in aquaculture, aquaria and wastewater facilites.

Microbubbles injected by the Ratz venturi drives ensures caption and removal of excess proteins in the treated water column to provide high water quality.

Suited for ozone
All Ratz protein skimmer models are suited with ozone injection points, off gas ventilation for treatment of excess ozone gas and a loop re-injecting degassed ozone from the foam chamber. Ozone improves coagulation and foam formation in the protein skimmer.

Ratz protein skimmers are installed on a wide range of aquaculture facilites and is currently operating to treat water in salt- and freshwater RAS and model trout farm systems, inlet water for flow through systems and as end of pibe treatment in fish processing plants.

  • Simple design allows for easy setup.
  • Non corrosive plastic materials
  • Individuel venturi drives designed for both fresh- and saltwater applications.
  • Ready for ozone injection.
  • Large foam chamber ensures foam to collapse resulting in low water use for backwash.
  • Time or sensor controlled backwash system.
  • 7 sizes readily avilable.
  • Custom made skimmers on request, designed for desired flow and contact time.
  • Produced in Germany

Click to download a brochure for the product line for the Ratz Protein skimmer


Click to download a brochure for the CM Aqua AQ booster with integration of ozone supply


Use below chart to size your model or download our catalog for detailed information and sizing charts.

Flow @ contact time:
Flow @ contact time:
Ratz 5000,331310
Ratz 6000,502015
Ratz 7500,803224
Ratz 9501,56045
Ratz 14003,112493
Ratz 20006,5260195
Ratz 250011440330
Philip Haargaard Gyldenkærne
Philip Haargaard Gyldenkærne

Sales Manager & Biologist