HEX model F version C

HEX Drum Filter Model F

A well proved design based on more than 30 Y of experience. Innovative solutions have made this filter type the preferred choice of filters in most fish farms, especially in RAS where reliability and low maintenance requirements are vital for the performance of the fish farm.

Open version C

Version C is a drum filter with the drum mounted in an open frame to fit into a channel installation

Half Tank version H

HEX model F version H

Version H is a drum filter with flexible mounting. The inlet can be made as open channel or pipe inlet. The outlet is open, but with a level tank protecting the filter.

Tank version T

HEX model F version T

Version T has the drum mounted in a Tank with connections for fast and easy installation. The tank can have an internal bypass as required and are built according to the water flow.


  • DDGW (Direct Driven Gear Wheels). Very robust. No sudden stops. No lubrication or maintenance needs. Gear motor positioned high. 95 % efficiency owing to cone wheels.
  • Built for seawater. HEX3 support wheels in the front. Corrosion resistant materials: AISI316, PEHD, Titanium screws/nuts.
  • PE sludge tray with dual slope ensures sludge to slide easily to the exit pipe. Ceramic nozzles for back-wash covers all length, resulting in noo moving parts and no wear out compared to steel.
  • HEX Bee-Cell filter panel. The patented Hexagon shape of the support grid (welded in one operation) makes it possible to bend the filter panel without singular string stress. This allows the use of thin strings and therefore more open area compared to other shapes. Ultimately resulting in less footprint at the same level of fine filtration.
  • PE cover lids. Easy to access and low noise at backwash. No drops or mist coming out. No corrosion. UV resistance PE
  • E-control. Energy efficient. Water flow mainly by gravity. Very low cost by maintenance and minimal water usage.
hex drum filter