CM Aqua Technologies offer the needed knowledge and equipment for water treatment

 Below is the core equipment in use for RAS (Recirculated Aquaculture Systems) and it is the main application for CM Aqua.

We can care for the filtration, oxygen supply and disinfection at variable levels, depending on each induvidual installation. We have expanded into other applications, such as offshore aquaculture, swimming pools and generalt waste water from cities.

HEX Drumfilters

HEX Drum Filters

More efficient with nature's own Unique design, want to know? - see

The HEX drum filter, with the unique HEX beecell filter panels for higher capacity and the new DDGW drive, which eliminates an classic maintenance issue for many fish farmers. Extensive use for non-metallic engineering, makes the HEX absolute best in corrosive waters.

HEX filter have been installed in many places as Well boats, sealice barges, RAS and on traditional fishfarms.

HeliosAqua UV systems

Helios UV System

With the Helios UV, CM Aqua offers an optimal disinfection solution, based on its intimated knowledge on disease carrying agents

UV radiation at 254 nm is an efficient way to disinfect water, however, particles in the water can create shadows and therefore a cost effective particle control upstream is needed. CM Aqua very othen deliver the combined solution, ensuring you get the kill, without overkillf.


Helios are made in PE / Duplex / Titan and extreem duable in saltwater and other corrosive water.

AL2Aqua Beltfilters

AL2Aqua Belt Filter

Sludge treatment and Sea Lice concentration by AL-2 AQUA belt filte

In fish farming, there is always sludge that needs to be treated, in which the volume must be considered as local legislation in many countries enforces environmental fees etc, so it is an important economic aspect to keep the amount of sludge to a minimum.


The AL-2 AQUA belt filter has also been installed to drain the water of backwash water from drum filters removing Sea Lice

Oxywise Oxygengenerators

Oxywise Oxygen Generator

The Oxywise PSA is a new generation of oxygen generators that provides a low cost and low energy solution for fish farms, well boats, etc.

Oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on-site and are available in 20 standard models with a capacity ranging from 0.6 to 200 Nm3 Oxygen/hour at 95% purity.


Life time cost of an installed Oxywise generator is improved dramatically with the dew point and dust protection system, preserving the zeolite.

Ratz Protein skimmers

Galaxy Protein Skimmer

Water enters the skimmer and meets the airflow in a counter current, micro bubbles are produced by the unique Ratz venturi, which optimize the formation of small bubbles entrapping dissolved proteins and small particles.The foam leaves the skimmer at the top and must be collected outside the skimmer. Automatic flushing system keeps the top clean, for free flow of captured particles and entrapped proteins.



OxyGuard Mesurement and Control

OxyGuard Measurement and Control

OxyGuard equipment is probably the most robust and reliable probes for the aqua culture market

Oxygen probes are important for control of the oxygen content in the water. Fish and other farmed aquatic animals like shrimps, all consume oxygen as part of their metabolism and so oxygen is the first limiting factor in fish farming.


HEX E Control and Helios UV Control are also part of the engineering and manufacturing by OxyGuard technology.