Ratz Protein Skimmer


Ratz Protein Skimmer


As a specialist in in all kinds of plastic production for +20 years, Ratz knows how to build a protein skimmer that last


The Ratz Protein Skimmer are produced in all sizes, to suit a 300 litre salt water aquariums, up to large public exhibition ponds and in salt water aquaculture with over 400 m3 water in circulation.

Even this is a salt water applications, the skimmer from the first production over 15 years ago are still in operation.




An underpressure in front of the pump mixes air into the water. In this way a overpressure is generated in the upper part where the water flows over our biological trickling filter material. A special milled the foam of the water and lead it out through the cap. The surface tension of the air bubbles attracts and concentrates dissolved particles like dirt, chemicals, dyes or algae, which results in the foam.




Stabilization of pH

Removes dyes, dissolved particles, proteins, etc.

Rises oxygen level in the water

Works directly and is not addicted to any bacteria

Prevents diseases caused by bad water quality

Increased effect by ozone

The large Ratz Galaxy 2500 after 20 years duty in Saltwater

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