HycareAqua Nanobubbles


HycareAqua Nanobubbles


Oxygenated nanobubbles technology are just recently introduced and the full potential is still to be disclosed


HYCARE system is a generator of micro- and nanobubbles, also called ultrafine bubbles, in liquid solutions. The extremely small bubbles increases both dissolved gas activity in the water, as well as purification of the water, without any negative effect on the environment.


Bubbles are produced by a submerged pump, creating cavitation in a magnetic field, bubbles are thereby ionized, avoiding fusion and prolonging its activity within the solution.

Nanobubbles are less than 1 micron, HYCARE produces bubbles with a typical median diameter < 200 nm (0,2micron), special features of microbubbles:


1.Dissolved oxygen increases

2.Due to the small size, bubbles stay in the water for a long time, ensuring aerobic conditions, keeping unwanted anaerobic processes down.

3.Better growth and use of feed

4.Improved water quality

5.Reduction of bacteria and parasites

6.Can be combined with other gases eg ozone

7.Lower operating costs then comparable oxygenation systems.


At the moment we have 2 versions available:


A. Portable, 0,4 kW can transfer app 0,5 kg oxygen to the water per hour

B. GTS, 0,75 kW can transfer app 4 kg oxygen to the water per hour



HycareAqua used with RAS systems

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