Sani Aqua Micro Filter

Sani Aqua Micro Filter, SAM-F

This new hollow platetm technology offer filtration from 10 micron to deep UF at 0,005 micron, keeping Free Flow with 1.7 mm plate distance!

The SAM-F is an advanced screen filtration element that allows free cross flow filtration over a flat filter surface, engineered to reduce energy consumption and improve filtration process. It is easy to service and designed with high sanitary focus, securing high clean-ability and possibility for inspection of the filter surfaces.

At micron filtration with relative high flow, you will have a very large filtration area at a low footprint, compared to any other technology.

Micro- and Ultrafiltration

The new product, SAM-F element, is a completely new sanitary hollow platetm based filtration solution that has a wide span of operation. SAM-F are a very competitive solution in most MF and UF membrane filtration applications.

SAM-F is an advanced modular filtration element that allows free flow filtration over a flat membrane filter surface. The design is unique and patented, but based on known elements and theory, and for technologists working with membrane filtration, the advantages are easy to explain.

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