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for Water Treatment


- more than 30Y of experience -


Our engineers and biologist ensures the optimal solution within several important functions, as water filtration, sludge treatment, disinfection and oxygenation.


1) Mechanical water filtration

- as a critical factor for cost-effective operation of almost any type of water treatment. We have HEX Drum Filter, AL2Aqua Belt Filter, SaniAqua Hollow Plate Filter and Ratz Protein Skimmer, which has more features.


2) Disinfection of the water

- becomes more useful, especially when consuming water to a closed circulation system. It is also introduced into systems that reduce infection pressure in general and make the water more healthy. We have Helios UV, which is used in connection with filtration.


3) oxygenation and control

- the low oxygen in the water, is simply the cause of death for most fish species. We have Oxywise Oxygen Generator, OxyGuard Gas Measurement and Control and Ratz Micro Bubble Pump that dissolve the oxygen in the water.




The equipment from CM Aqua Technologies



Below is the core equipment in use for RAS (Recirculated Aquaculture Systems) and it is the main application for CM Aqua.

We can care for the filtration, oxygen supply and disinfection at variable levels, depending on each induvidual installation. We have expanded into other applications, such as

offshore aquaculture, swimming pools and generalt waste water from cities.


HEX Drum Filter
AL2Aqua Belt Filter
SaniAqua Membrane
Ratz Protein Skimmer
Helios UV System
Oxywise Oxygen Generator
OxyGuard Measurement
HycareAqua Nanobubbles

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